Spike The Dog

Spike the Dog in Marriage Journey and A  dog
Spike the dog, is on the book cover, (see blog 1) She is really Hattie a girl, A remarkable animal who jumps around all over the place. There is great freedom for a dog like her at the farm where she lives. Hattie has a joto do, looking afteEnzo, an old Weimaraner who is completely blind. Where Hattie goes, Enzo follows. As you can see, Hattie is very much alive. Not like poor Spike in the book. Every book needs an animal, at least mine do.
If you would like to create a discussion the place to do it is on the forum page on Amazon where the book is.
Can’t wait to finish the cover for my  paperback book, but we are in Sri Lanka now and it has to wait. The photo I want is on the computer at home. I have put out an SOS to the gliding club for a good photo for the background but I haven’t heard back and, stubbornly, I like the one I’ve got on the e-book. Hope you like the picture and it helps to make the story come alive.
Hattie is leaving the book cover as the cover and the book is taken over by the professionals. I’m sorry to see her go and it has been a fun experience publishing my own ebook but it is time to hand it over and observe the professionals at work. My updated – recreated book will be available in April.