IMG_1390Natalie was brought up on the Cinderella fantasy and other Fairy Stories of marrying a Prince.  When she was young, she loved the Heidi booksespecially when Heidi married Peter, the boy who looked after the goats on the mountain.

Next came Anne of Green Gables who marries Gilbert Blythe, the boy she had known since she was at school and they return to their country home together. Romeo and Juliette and Jane Eyre all filled her mind with romantic ideals.

When Natalie, the protagonist, meets Gerry at school they become childhood sweethearts and marry in their early 20’s.

While all the marriages and relationships around them are not straight forwardher life with Gerry remains constant and stable. The happily ever after Fairy tale is unquestionable.

The lives of  grown ups rarely happen that way as Natalie finds out.

At the end she still believes in marriage and magic still happens.

Marriage A Journey and A Dog click for ebook on amazon. The book is a comment on love and marriage. It is both serious and funny, all designed to entertain readers. I have been delighted to see that half of the readers have been men.