About being 40

Natalie, is 40 and her life changes completely. This is the essence of the story.

I remember thinking that life wasn’t what I wanted it to be at 40, but that it would stay the same, but my life did change completely. How do you know when you make changes that they are for the better? You hope, but plan thoroughly, keep your thoughts sober and chat things over with trusted friends.

Natalie is forced to take steps into the bigger world and she starts from Portsmouth, near her home in the South of England.IMG_1221

This is the view of the Spinnaker tower, an icon of Portsmouth West Quay shopping area and docks.

France and Spain take Natalie on a personal journey that opens up her future and closes her past. She returns home for her 40th birthday party and her whole life turns upside down.

The book has been updated and will be professionally published in April, both as an ebook and paperback. More news on that as the weeks go by.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded the original version and for all the encouragement.