When I’m not travelling

Dog at my house

Sri Lanka has become our second home, but the U.K is still home. It is where the family live and we enjoy our own house. In Sri Lanka we rent and the standard of comfort is not the same. An interesting challenge at times.

In the U.K the animal minding continues and so does does the child minding. Travelling is on hold until the new family additions grow up a bit. A quick trip to Paris was fun, and a week in Provence. I love France!

It is easy to write about a place you enjoy. I can relive the pleasure of beautiful places and they carry me along with my characters.

Right now, dog minding, while my children are away on holiday. I’m not a lover of domesticated animals, but argue they thrive with me as I am very practical and don’t spoil them.

Dogs have joined my factual life and my writing, even though I tell them to go away.

Spike in the Pyrenees
Spike in the Pyrenees. This cover has now been expertly illustrated by davehillustration.tumblr.com I have a liking for where I started some months ago. Somehow, it was getting 200 downloads a month.
The new cover by Dave Hill
The new cover by Dave Hill