Edit Til You Cain’t Edit No More

Zara Edmonds Books

Apart from the terrible grammar, that is excellent advice.  In fact, except for sitting down and writing the first draft, editing is by far the most important thing a writer can do.  I know that, you know that.  We’ve all heard it many times.  But, really, as a writer, having written for many, many years, I am continually amazed by how a good draft truly can be transformed from good to freakin’ amazing, just with editing.

Since the advice is conventional wisdom, why am I mentioning it here?  The writing world has transformed in the last decade or so.  Mostly by the lovely creation of free and easy self-publishing.  But that freedom and ease can cause undue haste.  Write something, publish it.  Move on to the next project.  And the next, and the next after that.  The entire instantaneous internet culture only feeds that hit and run mentality.  But please…

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