Quote. Henri Marcel

From Marriage a Journey and a Dog

This is where it all began,. This is when I realised what my life could be.

A plaque on the house of Henri Marcel. French Artist.1938 -1996

The Essence of Natalie’s new life is based on Henri Marcel’s quote. That’s why he became a great artist. That’s how Natalie turned her life around.

Like many writers, I wrote, then I published. Now it’s radio interviews, T.V. There are talks and meet the readers sessions.

A month ago I couldn’t tweet, now I can.

I constantly feel, ‘could do better’ ¬†but if I thought I didn’t work and dream the goal of being a successful writer wouldn’t happen.

The opening quote of the book:

‘I am always doing what I thought I couldn’t so, because I learn something’

Henri Marcel

His fictitious house is in Honfluer France.

It is described as
the cradle of Impressionism

.Find out about Honfluer

Honfluer France
Honfluer France