The Empty Nest Syndrome


When family members leave home, they leave their feathers behind them. Stuff in the attic, bottles in the bathroom. Remnants of the smells of their existence in the house. Sounds good and bad. When kids leave home, parents pass away or leave for a different life themselves or your partner decides they are happier elsewhere, You’re faced with remnants and questions.

You may know the changes that are coming, but not expect the impact. It’s no good brooding and wishing. You need to build a new life.

Preparation is good see  Empty Nest Syndrome Wikipedia

Start, even if you choose the wrong things you won’t get anywhere unless you start actively looking. Be prepared that your first choices won’t work. Keep going. Don’t get sucked into things you don’t really want to be doing.

What is your life?

What is your relationship with the person you may still be living with?

Grandparenting may happen and with overload. Your life is back to the old normal except you are more tired. You start to complain about not having time to  do the things you want to  or have always wanted to do. Before you know it, the empty nest feeling is back as they go to school and start to follow their many interests.

The many nativity plays you had to go to have been replaced with an hour at a rowdy birthday party. Now, what were those fun things you always wanted to do?

If reading is one of things, then try Marriage a Journey and a Dog . Life changes for Natalie at 40 when her unplanned empty nest  comes. .Marriage a Jounrey and a Dog

Reflection on Barcelona. An excerpt from Marriage a Journey and a Dog

Returning home after traveling through France and Spain Natalie is struggling to settle back into her old comfort zone, her mind is elsewhere:

After twenty minutes, Gerry hands me a plate of too many sandwiches.

“Thank you,” I smile, and mean it.

Before I can reach my plate he holds out his hand, raises me to my feet and whispers in my ear, “How about coming upstairs.”

All I can think of is my desire to eat, and my mind is too busy to think of sex. Is this part of the way forward in his mind? Our sex life revamped? By the next magazine survey, we might have gone up in the ratings. I can never see us being a Class A category again, nor do I want to be.

So he fancies sex, women expect so much more emotion, unless you’re Enid and take control. That doesn’t sound a lot of fun to me. I glance over his shoulder towards the clock. Yes, we’ve got time…then I can treat myself to a slow bath and get in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day.

I’m looking forward to seeing Linda and José tonight….so pleased they’ve come. Will Linda approve of how I look?

We strip off, sex happens…and I think of Barcelona.

A wild Dance
A wild  FlemencoDance