Lost in France and Spain

This is an interesting scientific article about women have less of a sense of direction than men. (Generally speaking, of course).)

The lines on this diagram show how men and women navigated a route. The blue lines are the women’s routes, and the red lines are the men’s. The lines show that the men arrived faster and solved more tasks


I sympathised with Natalie in Marriage a Journey and a Dog because my sense of direction is hopeless. She had an interesting trip driving through France and Spain alone, apart from her little dog.

At her 40th birthday party she gave a speech gave a speech.

‘For those of you who think it’s funny what I have done, tell me what you have done that is better.’

She had a great time.

In a radio interview I was asked where the inspiration came from for Natalie. There was a lady interviewed on radio, about 10 years ago. She was asked, rather scathingly,’ was it a daft thing to do, go travelling around Europe and get lost?’ Her reply was much the same at Natalie’s and much the same as mine would be.


If you always know where you are going and the fastest way to get there you would miss a lot.


Come to France and Spain with her and savor the pleasures of travelling to Paris, Barcelona and returning to the South of England and London.