The School Library Project Part 1

2015-12-12 13.06.40

The ledger for 5000= books. Many of them unreadable.

This school in Sri Lanka is over 100 years old and tumbling down in places. In a drab and difficult building I have decided to make a library space that is bright.

Although the space is on the small side the problems are big.

All books in the school have to be entered into a ledger. No book can be thrown away without government official approval. This should happen once a year and the number of books that can be thrown away is limited. Therefore old unreadable books remain in the limited space for a long time.

Old newspapers are collected here because they can be sold. In the damp atmosphere of the rainy season everywhere is damp and mildew grows on the walls and ceilings and of course, the books.

I am going to try and create a small oasis for learning in spite of the obstacles.

The painting is happening and we are having fun.



Yet more books and no where for them to go.