Men, Women and Sport.

Who doesn’t know a sport obsessed male? It seemed such an obvious characteristic to give Gerry (husband) in Marriage a Journey and a Dog.

Gerry loved cycling, he works in a sports shop and he watches sport on T.V.  He talks about sport with his mates. Do you know someone like him?

Alan, a lesser character is a mad keen Millwall supporter. Why Millwall? Well, they were playing in the F.A Cup against Manchester United in 2004, the year  the story is based.1200px-THENEWDEN


Then there was the Tour de France that year. It goes through Paris. Natalie  is there, but doesn’t bother to watch. The men in her life don’t comprehend how she could do that.


If Gerry has to give up cycling after his accident Natalie hopes they will spend more time doing things together. He plans to play golf if he can’t cycle.

I hope Gerry isn’t a dislikable character, more someone who will give women everywhere a knowing feeling.

Natalie’s ever present comfort is that sport keeps him so busy he doesn’t have time or the desire for other women – maybe.

At one point Natalie takes part in a sport herself – gliding in the Pyrenees (see other blog). This is the mountains and showing the wing tip of a glider. She tries cycling before going to Amsterdam.


If you’re a sport obsessed husband you might like to keep this book for yourself. It might be dangerous.

Any woman fed up with sport, will laugh and cry through Marriage a Journey and a Dog.