Natalie’s Journey in Pictures

Flemeno Danicng
A wild Dance Barcelona

This is a blog with an ongoing life. A blog where I can  update pictures and videos at different times to enhance the reading experience. In due course I would like to add a facility where readers can add comments on the places Natalie travelled and add pictures of their own.

I hope to meet you here.

This is where Natalie lived, in Eastleigh. Her journey starts:

Natalie's street
Market Street. Eastleigh.


The type of car she drove. In her turquoise Fiat Cinquecento

280px-Fiat_Cinquecento_front_20081127 (1)
Like Natalie’s car

Hattie, who inspired the character of Spike.

Spike the Dog in Marriage Journey and A  dog

Portsmouth, where Natalie caught the cross Channel Feryy to travel to Le Havre.IMG_1221

From Le Harve to Paris..17-P1000983

Sacré-Cœur, Paris 

 Basilica in Paris, France
Moulin Rouge and can can dancers. An artist sketched her.


The River Seine at night, where Natalie and Spike sailed on July 14th and joined in Bastille day celebrations. Year 2004



Through the roof of Le Louvre.


Mona Lisa in Le Louvre. Natalie stared at her  in silent conversation. Sharing the experience of being a woman.




The Venus de Milo, Goddess of Love, in Le Louvre. Where Natalie stood and stared at her wanting the spirit of love to touch her marriage.


The River Charente. Where Natalie went boating with newly found friends.



Brandy. The bottle Natalie dropped.The glass she warmed the brandy in her hands before tasting.

The place where Natalie first met her busker, travelling companion John/George Lennon/Bush

Bordeaux. Food and Wine. The map of where she was lost here was to too complicated to be interesting. No wonder she was lost.








Lourdes. At the foot of the Pyrenees. The place where she parted company with John/George Lennon Bush a busker travelling companion.

Lourdes where Natalie went with the busker.



A mountain village in the Pyrenees.



Gliding in the Pyrenees






Tour de France

Honfluer France, where she walked with Gerry before returning home.
Market Street
Eastleigh in the South of England and home