Something to Think About


Joining us for bookclub Sri Lanka

When staying at home in the UK I am #reading more books.

The ones that have been waiting on the bookshelf accusing me of not reading them when I promised I would, or bought because they sounded interesting. Where I have spent the most money on books and failed to read them is on my kindle. My Goodreads account has many ‘reading’ books listed but that ‘read’ has not been registered even if I have read them. Shamefully for an author, my reviews for books ‘read’ are not up to date. Now is the time.

Many #bookclubs are continuing online through apps like zoom and Whatsapp.

Sadly my bookclub in Sri Lanka has stopped. Now I have returned to the UK we share our recommendations by email. Will book club there ever start again? I hope so. Many of the ex-pats have returned to their home countries for the foreseeable future and can only hope to return. Unfortunately, foreigners and Sri Lankan returnees are blamed for taking the virus by some of the population who are scared. Inevitably our travelling way of life has helped spread the Covid19 virus and many other diseases but the blame can be badly misdirected.

Amazon isn’t sending out books and reserving their deliveries for more essential work and who can blame them. For now, it is downloads or swapping books with friends and neighbours without touching the books for a day or two and keeping a distance from the person bringing the book.

I miss the discussion groups that go side by side with book clubs in the UK and Sri Lanka. Also film-club with lunch and a discussion afterwards.

Here are some questions from the back of The #Trinket Wife. The book can be downloaded from Amazon, but the questions can be ‘food for thought’ without reading the text. Here they are:

0Would you marry for money?

1 Can money make for happiness in a #marriage? Is there such a thing as a midlife crisis for men and women?

2 Could Des have a point when he says he feels unhappy that he’s no longer in control of family #finances and he doesn’t like it?

3 Would you marry for money?

4 How will #floods affect the way we live in the future?

Add your thoughts to the comments if you wish.