The Trinket Wife

Now that the new ebook is up and the paperback is in formatting, perhaps I will need to change the heading of this blog from only Marriage, A Journey, and A Dog.

In the meantime, there are some questions from the end of the book,

Can money make for happiness in a marriage?

Is there such a thing as a midlife crisis for men and women?

Could Des have a point when he says he feels unhappy that he’s no longer in control of family finances and he doesn’t like it?

Would you marry for money?

How will floods affect the way we live in the future?

These are set up as book club questions at the end of the story and I would like to ask my word press readers what they think. If you like, please share the questions with your friends and enter a group response.

One question at a time and the answers can be shared with book clubs.


Can money make a marriage happy?

There will also be feedback on twitter.