I am a retired Creative Writing Tutor. By retired, I mean still working, but writing myself instead of teaching students full time. I am privileged to teach when I choose to, and that is mainly in Sri Lanka, where Creative Writing is a relatively new subject in schools.

My first novel is Marriage, A Journey, and A Dog. The original purpose of the blog was to give readers some interesting background, to the people and places in the book. Why is the blog turquoise? Because that is how the heroine describes this phase of her life. There are links to the places the heroine visits and a video and music link. It is exciting to add audio and video links to a book. It has to be the way forward for many novels.

Can I write, yes. Can I use social media – I’m learning and bringing in help.

I realised, as I have gained some experience of blogging, there is so much more to be added to my blog than about the book itself. I have a wealth of experience in teaching Creative Writing and using the subject in creative ways. I would like to share these.

There is a second book on its way. The Trinket Wife. This should be available around Christmas 2015.

The dates for the republication of the ebook and the publication of the paperback are the end of April 2015. I like to write to entertain – an easy read but with a depth and sharp edges. I want more people to share my book and come away feeling happy they read it. I already have requests from reading clubs for the next book, but 85,000 words takes time to get exactly right.

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