Author Brenda Sedgwick

Author of Marriage A Journey and A dog
Author of Marriage A Journey and A dog

Writing has been my hobby and my job for twenty years. Teaching Creative Writing in Winchester U.K. and now as a volunteer teacher trainer in Sri Lanka.

My blog is about background material for the book Marriage, a Journey and a Dog, but also about life in Sri Lanka, where I spend 3 – 6 months of the year. When I am away from a busy family life and work here I can write and research as well as teach Creative writing.

In a school where I work in Kandy I sponsor a Creative Writing cup in my name. I received an award for teacher training using the art of Creative Writing to encourage the use of English which is Sri Lanka’s second language.

I love the idea that books can have blogs with photos and videos attached and that you can reach out to readers forming a community.

Marriage A Journey and A Dog is a contemporary romance written with humor and insight into relationships. It is love lost and found.

Natalie leaves her home in the South of England travelling to France, driving from Paris to Lourdes, crossing the Pyrenees to Spain and  on to Barcelona. Her little dog Spike is her companion. In this blog you can read about art, travel and self discovery all contributing to the  disruption of  relationships around Natalie.

It is available as an ebook and paperback in most places in the world.

Book two, The Trinket wife  should be available in 2016. It is based in the New Forest in the South of England, and includes travelling to France. It is a similar format of an undervalued wife who finds out how capable she is and starts a new life.

I’m working on it, but I need to return to Sri Lanka to concentrate on the many drafts I like to do before sending it through professional editing.

In the mean time family life, gardening and entertaining at our home play an important part of life. I survived divorce some 20 years ago – remarried and have a grown up family and grandchildren.

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