Copyright laws help make me more creative

I read all about copyright until my head was spinning. The need to get it right scared me. A fear of the big American legal system bearing down on me was enough to decide that I was going to create my own quotes and songs.

The book opens with a quote. This is where it all began, This is when I realised what my life could be.

Henri Marcel. French artist 1938 – 1996

Henri turns up a few more times before the book is finished. The editor was the first to say she had looked him up on google and couldn’t find him and now the new readers want me to explain who he is. He isn’t real.

When the busker sings, the next editor put big red lines on my manuscript, drawing my attention to copyright.

Love unites the whole human race,Celebrate a world of love,’Love makes the world a happy place, 

And on it goes. It’s safe from copyright because I made it up.

Mary mine, Life of love. Warmth of cloves, and sweet tamarind.’

Safe again, the copyright is mine.

I have used titles and attributed the song, but only sparingly, and struggled over phrases used in text incase a word or two might sound like something I’ve heard or read. You can’t not use words that have been written down before or the book would have no words.

Jane Austen and Winchester

Natalie, the heroine in Marriage A Journey and A Dog, lead a protest walk for peace, against the Iraq war. The walk started in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral. It’s an old town in the South of England. It has so much history as it was the capital of Wessex. The High street has Tudor looking buildings. It is a hub of life for local students. The river walks around the town are a pleasure at any time of the year.


Winchester boasts a connection with Jane Austen as she is buried in the Cathedral, and was celebrated at last year’s flower festival. She could not have dreamt of the following her stories would have. Her home was at Chawton, 15 miles away.

Her stories are an inspiration and hugely entertaining.

If you haven’t already been, why not put Winchester on your list of places to visit.

Bastille Day in Paris

Thinking of Natalie in Paris. (chapter 2). After getting stuck driving around the Arc de Triomphe she makes it to Paris on Bastille Day (July 14). She has 2 days roaming around with Spike. She takes him to Le Louvre to see The Venus de Milo and The Mona Lisa (keeping him hidden of course). With all the romance of this wonderful place she is on her own apart from Spike.

Hope you are enjoying Marriage A Journey and A Dog (click title for e-book)

Sorry I don’t have my own pics of Paris but there are loads on the net to look at and enjoy.  Makes me want to go there again.